The Ramp House

Designed by architect MJ Neal, the Ramp House is a super vertical structure, and gets its name from two long ramps that link the main floors together. The ramps are bisected vertically by a thin book case made up of long rectangular sections with alternating colored panels. The shapes echo the pattern of glass windows that make up the front facade. Bedrooms are located on the entry level, a mid-floor landing between ramps acts as an office, and the common spaces are on the second level, looking out onto treetops of the Bouldin neighborhood.

Joe Lee Johnson Elementary School

This project has many elements that facilitate unique interactions between students and their peers, as well as teaching and administrative staff. Classrooms have collapsing walls that allow students to spill out into common areas, presenting opportunities to learn in groups, pairs, or at an individual's own pace. There is modular furniture throughout the school, enabling each space to easily adapt to the learning needs of students.

Photographed for BLGY Architecture.